Sweet Treats: afternoon tea @ Hush, London

Hush Aftternoon tea ready to be posted.odt.jpg

Afternoon tea lovers living in London are most definitely spoiled for choice. You can find yourself a traditional one, those with a twist, boozy ones, and let’s not forget the posh high tea. We decided to go for a Gin&Jam afternoon tea in stunning Mayfair-based Hush bar/restaurant (www.hush.co.uk/afternoon-tea).

You can either call and make a reservation for a set date or order a voucher with an open date. We were really pleased with friendly and very efficient approach of the lady who took our call. In less than five minutes, our confirmation email arrived and all was set.

Hush is located in the quiet Lancaster Court, with a stunning terrace which was winter themed at the time of our visit. Staff was welcoming and attentive, and showed us to our table where a magical tea experience started. The selection of teas varies from lighter green tea, fruity ones such as raspberry and chocolate infused, to some heavier and festive ones (Emperor’s tea). They all smelled delicious and ever so tempting. Whilst we were sipping our welcome cocktail ‘Pink Rabbit’ from a teacup, we were asked to choose one of the Gin&Jam cocktail–all sounded sublime. And of course all contain bespoke Hush Mayfair Boutique Gin.

Hush Aftternoon tea ready to be posted.odt2.jpg

The afternoon tea then arrived, with beautifully arranged choice of sandwiches, scones and adorable macaroons with earl grey tea infused crème brulees on the top. We were taken by superb jams on offer and tried all four with our butter scones. Sandwiches were rather simple but beautifully done (cucumber, egg mayonnaise, and salmon). The overall atmosphere in The Silver Room was relaxing and we enjoyed the subtle presence of staff who made sure we had everything we needed.

Overall Gin&Jam afternoon tea is a wonderful experience and worth trying with your family or as a weekend treat with your friends. We hope you will be charmed by this unique experience just like us.

by Maria

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